Receiving Report

  Please report if you receive SEEDS's radio wave from this webpage. We need SEEDS's downlink datas in order to analyze SEEDS's condition. We appriciate for your cooperation. And, you can also get QSL card from this webpage.

  Sending data format

  Please send downlink data as a txt file basically, if you recieve SEEDS' downlink data.
And, please make a file as the format follows.

* CW : Text data between SEEDS---JQ1YGU for one line
* FM : One packet of FM packet for one line

  Sending data sample > SAMPLE

  QSL card

  We prepare 4 QSL cards which are for CW, FM packet, Digi-talker, SSTV. If you want digi-talker QSL card, you need to fill the form with Keyword which is in digi-talker voice. If you want SSTV QSL card, you need to send SSTV image from this webpage.

Please check following page if you want to see the detail of QSL card. QSL card contents

  How to send QSL card

Please choose how to send, "directly" or "through JARL(Japan Amateur Radio League)".

  In the case of "through JARL", you only need to fill the form below. Then you can get QSL card by using JARL's service.
  *You can choose to send through JARL, if you are JARL menber.
  *Your callsign is needed if you choose the way to send QSL card from JARL.

  In the case of directly, You need to fill the send form below, and send a stanmped, self addressed envelope to our Laboratry. Then, we respond you QSL card. Bigger envelope will be better. Our Laboratry address is,

Nakamura & Miyazaki Laboratry
Nihon University College of Science and Technology
Department of Aerospace Engineering
7-24-1 Narashino-dai Funabashi-city Chiba 274-8501 Chiba Japan

Attention :
  * You can not upload files larger than 3MB.

  * E-mail address are required. Your e-mail address will be care very strictly, and will be only used in order to send QSL card for digi-talker and SSTV.  

  * We want to update the downlink data that you sended, on this website. We will update only CW and FM packet data. If you permit to update your downlink data, please check the checkbox. Without your permission, your downlink data will never be updated.

Recieving Report Form

Your Information Name : Organization :

E-mail :

  Your Callsign :     (will be written in QSL card)
  * If you want to send QSL card through JARL, your callsign is required.

Sending Information
  How to send QSL card : through JARL  directly

  Update Permission : (Please check folowing checkbox, if you permit to update.)
      Callsign   Recieve Location  
      Recieve Date   Recieve Data  

  Satellite :   SEEDS

  Downlink Mode :   
            CW   FM packet   Digi-talker   SSTV  

  Downlink Data :   Please click button to browse. (EXAMPLE)
         FM packet  

  Keyword (for digi-talker)  

  Receive Date  example(2006/01/01/23:01:00)

  Receive Location :   
example(** University Ground Station, Your home. If you received out of Japan, please put your country and city name.)            

    Your Voice

Please input the spam keyword which is "SEEDS", into following text box.