Update Information

  This page introduce you the details about Nihon University Ground Station at 4F of 3rd Build. in Nihon University, College of Science and Technology, Funabashi campus.


Ground Station
  This contents shows the purpose, the facilities, and the software of Ground Station.

Satellite Detail
  More details about the Nihon University satellite. This page mainly shows the details about Amateur Radio Service and Transmitter.

Operation Schedule
  After satellite launch, you can see Satellite Operation Schedule about 1 week.

Operation Result
  You can check the operation result which are communication testing and Amateur Radio Service, from here.

Receiving Report
  Please report SEEDS's downlink data that you received. You can report your receiving data from this webpage. Guidance for publishment of QSL card is also here.

Downlink Database
  Your downlink data which you reported, is updated in this webpage. (You can choose update your downlink data or not when you report downlink data.) Please enjoy checking downlink data each other.

GSN N.U.G.S. Entry
  We are a menber of GroundStationNetwork(GSN). You need to get approval from here, to Navigate Nihon University Ground Station.

  Link to other Ground Station WebSite in Japan. And, link to other Project WebSite at Nihon University.