The NEXUS(NExt generation X Unique Satellite: NEXUS)is the forth satellite of Nihon University. The size is 1 U, mass is about 1.3 kg, and it is characterized by having 4 antennas. The main mission of "NEXUS" is "demonstration of next generation amateur satellite communication technology". We will do various missions such as operation of a π / 4 shift QPSK transmitter capable of high speed and low transmission power communication, a FSK transmitter with variable transmission speed, and analog data relay using a linear transponder.
    "NEXUS" has meanings such as "bond" and "connection" . "NEXUS" is a satellite developed jointly by Miyazaki Yamazaki Laboratory of Nihon University College of Science and Technology and The Japan Amateur Satellite Association(JAMSAT),we also undertook development under the support of various companies and organizations. Through development, we have made "bond" and "connection" with various people. Also, I have named it "NEXUS" with the thought that "connection" with many people all over the world through satellite operation.
    "NEXUS" was adopted as JAXA's Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Program and It was launched together with six satellites from JAXA's Uchinoura Space Center, at 00:50:20 AM (UTC), January 18, 2019.(Updated on April 2, 2019)