Size     : 100x100x100 [mm]
 Weight  : 1 [kg]

 Mission : CW downlink
             FM downlink
             Data sensing

Developed by
Nihon University
CubeSat Project Team

    SEEDS Information     Launch Date:April 2008

Flight operation has done. 2 men of project menbers backed to Japan. 2nd SEEDS will be launched soon.

NLS4 (Nanosatellite Launch Service 4) Official Website is here.

    Update Information

Will you hear the voice of SEEDS launched in space?

  CubeSat project begun in 1999. Unfortunately,Unfortunately,Our CubeSat that named SEEDS was not able to become a satellite because of the failure of rocket. But,we are advancing the preparation aiming at the launch of the second times now.

  To inform of own position, SEEDS transmits the CW beacon to the ground. SEEDS uses the frequency band used by amateur radio as a down-link frequency.

  However, it is time only '15 minutes' that can observe the satellite even if passing over the range of visible in our ground station well.

Then, we think that it wants you all over the world to receive CW, FM, and Digi-Talker of our SEEDS. And, we want to be talking adn discussing the satellite together.

  Moreover, the phrase of special QSL card is included in voice-messages transmitted to the earth by Digi-Talker. Details are being examined just now. I will report later as soon as it decides. Please receive the voice sent from "SEEDS"!