【Satellite development】
    The SPROUT project is not only create new technology which is deploying inflatable membrane but also creating next generation engineers. In recent year, a success rate of nano-satellite is not well. From this reason we also developing design the development process of nano-satellite by own self. Miyazaki lab had developed nano-satellite called the SEEDS-II. In 2008 we launched the SEES-II also succeed. And the SEEDS-II is still working till now. We aiming these three points to develop the SPROUT.

    • ? Building the method theory and design theory to use as the opportunity for on-orbit demonstration of research results, such as the nano-satellite. For example, demonstration of deployment the inflatable membrane structure for the large lightweight space structure in the future.
    • ? Demonstration of method and technology succession of developing nano-satellite in the university.
    • ? Making many people to interest the space activity by outreach activity.

    【Process Flow】
    This topic is the developing process of the SPORUT. We carry out by applying the nano-satellite developed the development method called "Phased Project Planning" so that there is no leakage of the development. This "Phased Project Planning" is developed for the APRO project at 1960 to 1990 by NASA.
    First step, define the concept design, for example, we consider that "what is the main mission?" or "How do we make the mission" or "What is the sub system". Also we make review called MDR (Mission Definition Review). After this review we can design system of satellite. Next, we make review for it as SDR (System Design Review). If we pass these two reviews, next we make the BBM (Bread Board Model). We are make sure this system is able to work at particular circumstances such as high or low temperature, vacuum and high radiation with this BBM model. We can make review called PDR (Preliminary Design Review) if these systems proof to work for particular circumstances. After passed these review, next we make the EM (Engineering Model). At the BBM process we just make sure it works. But the EM process we develop as model we will launch to the space. So we have to consider its weight, size and shape. We make review called CDR (Critical Design Review) after developing the EM and its environment testing. The final step is developing the FM (Fight Model). This process is the most important in all process. We should be made to work very carefully than any work process. To developing the SPROUT takes these processes.