The SPROUT(SPace Research On Unique Technology)is the third satellite of Nihon University. It consists the satellite main part that has the shape of a cube with sides of 20cm and Inflatable membrane structure of 1.5m total length. SPROUT’s main mission is “Deployment demonstration of the composite membrane surface structure”. That is to say, the SPROUT will deploy this Inflatable membrane structure. In addition to this, the SPROUT will do “take a photo of the Earth” by using camera and attitude control, “Ham radio mission” which means the SPROUT will deliver voice data and image data from the space to ground, and much much more.
    The SPROUT means “bud (shinme)”, “posterity (shison)”, “young person (wakamono)”, “put forth buds” and “grow rapidly” in Japanese. We have started development the SPROUT as second satellite project following the SEEDS since 2005 in winter. Get started development, we named the satellite “SPROUT”. We have done a meaning to the name that we inherit the technology which gained by development of the SEEDS, and attempts to acquire and establish the technology of their own, such as lead to the space exploration in the future to leap it.
    Now, it has been unofficially decided that the SPROUT will be launched by the H-IIA and waiting for launched.