【Earth station】
    We have set up a ground station in Funabashi campus for performing reception of data from the satellite, the transmission of the instruction in Nihon University. Equipped with Yagi antenna with an omni-directional antenna on the roof, earth station through them - we will conduct inter-satellite communication.

    【Earth station spec】

    • Official name
    • Call sign
    • location

    :Nihon University,Department of Science and Engineering,Aerospace Engineering discipline,Amateur radio station
    Nihon University Funabashi Campus Building3 Room345, 7-24-1 Narashinodai,Funahashi city,Chiba Prefecture
    Latitude:+35.725° Longitude:+140.056944° Height above sea level:50m

    【Using the machine】

    Imperial power system devices

    Power supply unit


    TNC(Terminal Node Controler)

    Satellite Tracker

    Direction Rotator

    Elevation Rotator

    Yagi-Uda Antenna

    GP Antenna