【Analysis Software】
    The SPROUT that we (Nihon University nano-satellite development project team) has developed, uses the ham radio frequency band of 430MHz band for the downlink and 144MHz band for the uplink. In this page, we distribute the uplink software for creation of the ham radio mission command from the ground station and the downlink software for analysis of the data which is received from the SPROUT.
    Please download the following file. Because file that can be downloaded has become a ZIP format, please use after unzip.

    Downlink Software:

    This software analysis SPROUT data using hardware TNC at real time.
    ※The software ver.1.01 analyze CW and TestFM for hadware TNC.

    zip file(Updated on 27/5/2014)[336KB]

    Data analysis software:
     This sofware analysis SPROUT data.

    zip file(Updated on 10/11/2015)[1.32MB]

    This software can analyze FM packet data taken by SPROUT's cam systems.
    When you use SPROUT_CAMdata_analyzing_software, you need to install Matlab runtime which is produced by Mathworks. In addition, it is included in the installer of the zip file. But, when you install it, you have to connect to the Internet.
    ※There are some bugs on ver1.0 and ver2.0. If you have ver1.0 or 2.0, please uninstall it and install ver3.0. We are really sorry.

    SPROUT_Packet_Analyzer Ver.1.0.0 γ

    zip file(June/12/2014 Update)[60KB]

    ※Analysis Format
    ・CW => "JQ1ZJQ SPROUT G- XXX..."
    (Ex. JQ1ZJQ SPROUT G3 E80 ... Please reference CW Format)
    ・TestFM => "JQ1ZJQ>SPROUT:" + "ReceiveData" + "Line Feed Code" in Hex Strings (No Spaces)
    (Ex.. 4A51315A4A513E5350524F55543A0005000C00070 ... Please reference FM Format)
    ※The software can't analyze receive data without header in TestFM.

    ※The Analysis Software and Excel File is under preparation.

    Uplink Software:
    We are planning to publish at any time according to the ham radio mission phase of the SPROUT.(Updated on 17/5/2014)
    【Reserve】SPROUT Ground Station Uplink Soft

    zip file(Updated on 17/5/2014)