【Outreach activity】
    The SPROUT performs the latest demonstration of technologies and also performs personnel training by satellite development of the student subject in a university. In order to perform satellite development with a student subject, the way we can be successful within a term in it and it is necessary to always consider what is important and to act. We investigate and study technology and information required for development for ourselves. We think that this is required of all the fields. Furthermore, we work in the knowledge studied by the space engineering or the space development for ourselves, and we also perform activity in which I get ordinary people and junior high school students, high school student to get interested in the space. The main activities manufacture a simple handmade Yagi antenna, and perform the event which receives the electric wave of a satellite with the antenna. Becoming a teacher from a leaner why we study space engineering, what kind of thing is connected with the space, becomes a cause considered deeply for us. And we are pleasure about the space by outreach activity, people who feel the space familiar increase in number, we aim at that the range of the space field expands.

    【history about outreach achtivity】
    ・2014.10.19 at Ichikawa.
    We did outreach activity in ichikawa city. At first, Professor Miyazaki speaks about "Status quo and great potential about nano-satellite". After that, we made antenna and received radio from satellite by that antenna.
    In the day, about 20 people came. We got good reputation such as "We can make receive antenna for satellite in so simple!" from participants.