Ground Station

Ground Station means all facilities in order to communicate with satellite in space. The major role of the ground station is to keep link the communication with satellite in space. It is also very important role. We have Ground Station at Funabashi campus in Nihon University. This page introduce the outline of our Ground Station.

設置場所:〒274-8501千葉県船橋市習志野台7-24-1 日本大学船橋校舎3号館345室
緯度:+35.725° 経度:+140.056944° 海抜高度:約50m



The detail of Ground Station
Formally name : Nihon University Collage of Science and Technology
                            Department of Aerospace Engineering Amateur Radio Station
Callsign : JQ1YGV
Location : Nihon University Funabashi Campus 3rd Building Room 345
                  7-24-1 Narashino-dai Funabashi-city Chiba 274-8501 Japan
Latitude : +35.725° Longitude:+140.056944°Altitude:about 50m
Operating Satellite : SEEDS, SPROUT

Our ground station is located in Nihon University Funabashi Campus 3rd Building Room 345. We use 3 computers and other equipments to operate SEEDS and SPROUT. Missions of ground station are sending command data to them, receiving downlink date from them and analyzing theirs data. We developed ground station software in order to achieve the missions.
We set GP antenna and Yagi antenna the housetop of 3rd Building at Nihon University. We use these antennas to communicate with satellite.
Also, when we operate satellites, we have to use orbit analyse software, uplink software, downlink software, and so on. And we developed them.
You can download the Downlink software and Analysing software of SPROUT by here (You can go to the download page by click).

Nihon University Ground Station website :
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SPROUT Web Site :